Do not buy a lumia…

Haha excellent, I’ve discovered an easier way of blogging. I have decided that instead of wasting data on the stupid fucking shortcut to the web browser version of WordPress, I will write in my notes and copy and paste the contents to the site, thus saving time and valuable money. This post is directed to Microsoft, who needs to get their shit together with their app store.

First and foremost, most the apps and games I play aren’t available on this device, the WordPress app is flawed and I’m not able to incorporate pics into the posts due to my device not having access to local images when blogging. This means I have to do it on pc, it takes a hundred times longer and is no good for anyone.

Second, no clash of clans? What the fuck Microsoft. Make a deal with google and give us our android compatible apps and games. I’ve already decided to take my phone back and swap it for an android OS instead, so I can write offline and save it locally, and add pics to my blogs without swapping mediums everytime I want to add a pic. I don’t want to email them to myself to save them on the pc to add them to my blog, I should be able to do it all from my device. Get it together, or you’ll lose a strong fanbase.

Third. Being a web browser, it chews too much data. If I wanted to use my data while writing, I would actively write and contribute to and that way I wouldn’t feel so bad about getting screwed as hard as possible.

So, allow me to say, “Microsoft lumia is flawed at best. Very limited store and options for working offline from my device. If I wanted to use the pc version, I would have used my fucking pc, understand? Now, how are you going to compensate the hundreds of unsatisfied customers, who assuming microsoft is at the top of the field, have sacrificed their old devices in the name of ‘ease’? You won’t no doubt, and that is very disheartening.

Long story short, if you have a HTC, iphone or samsung, DO NOT CONVERT TO LUMIA. it will fuck you sideways without the courtesy of spitting and calling it lube. Its appalling and I cant wait to switch


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