Fuck Commercial Artists

Music. I love music. I have broad taste and listen to pretty much anything, as long as it isn’t played on commercial radio. I’m more of an alternative taste. Fuck “Top 40” and American idol bullshit, I prefer music that takes a bit more talent and skill. It must be hard being a commercial artist, operative word being “commercial”. It must be such a strain having everyone else write your songs. A fine example would be that song by Kanye “douchebag” West and Paul McCartney. It was written by 11 people, and yet, not one of the original 11 actually performed the song. You see my dilemma? Another example would be Katy “I can’t sing” Perry. Just fucking terrible. You want music? Allow me to enlighten you.

Real music comes from the soul, works by Saosin, Hilltop hoods, Rage against the Machine, slipknot and other various “artists”. I’m somewhat of a musician myself and I appreciate the skill it takes for an insane riff and solo. Have you ever heard of Metallica? They’re fucking incredible. Enter sandman, king nothing, whiskey in a jar. All brilliantly written and performed. I’m sorry Kanye, you’re an overhyped cunt and I’d buy a ticket to your show just to throw eggs at you, and I won’t miss, I might even hard boil them for that “solid impact” effect.

Another fine group is Powderfinger. Classic Aussie folk rock/alt band. If you’ve never heard of powderfinger, I suggest you Youtube the song “Baby (I’ve got you on my mind)”. Make sure you get the studio version for the best quality sound. Or “Lost and Running”. If you want talent, Bernard Fanning has it. An incredible vocalist and front man. Little Birdy is another great band, I had the pleasure of seeing them live at The Prince and had a few beers with Kate the lead and she’s a charmingly wonderful woman. Very responsive and Appreciates her fans. A true artist.

Last off, slipknot. The frontman Corey Taylor, was bullied severely in school and that’s where all that hate is drawn from, his soul, the heart. This is why commercial artists have a run for 5 years and then fade to nothing. They don’t have what it takes to connect with the populous through a creative means, it’s superficial at best and burns out fast. If you want to leave an impression and make an impact, you HAVE to believe in what your trying to project. I love slipknot, being a victim of sexual abuse and domestic violence I can relate to that rage, that All consuming passion, its why I write and create my art. It’s my centre and balance. Sure mindless pop might be good for promoting, but it’s not what I would call “Music”. Not by a fucking long shot.


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