unprecendented traffic

Ladies and gentlemen, I must thank you for the support and recognition. When I started blogging middle of 2015 I didn’t think anyone would actually read my work, but according to my traffic stats, I’m getting over 30 views an hour. That’s in excess of 250k a year. I’ve done the maths and it checks out. So for that, thank you.

Second, I want to say a big fuck you to everyone who scoffed at my ambition and drive, those who failed to understand my writing isn’t just a hobby, it’s a passion that burns deep within and can’t be sated by traditional means. Yes, it’s a dream, but I’m living it. If you haven’t read the full contents of my blog, you’re missing out. It’s not all self praise and gloating you know, it’s a combination of fantasy, reality, passion and humour. I love writing, I’m good at it, and ill never give it up.

Third I have to thank my followers, my loyal base who’s likes and comments inspire me to push harder then I thought possible. To the muses and Inspiration behind my more personal posts, thank you. Without the impact you have made on my life, my blog would be a blank canvas. Caitlin, Allie, Megz, Tim, Lumpy, Kate, Kate, Amy, ******, and everyone else I’ve written about. Thank you. Without the love and fury you awaken within me, I would be mute and devoid of life. So again, thank you.

Remember to share my blog, let’s get me published, a few thousand words more and my manuscript will be ready, and I couldn’t have got here without ALL of you. Without my readers and followers, I can’t imagine what I would be doing, probably still selling weed and other illicit substances while wasting my life and going nowhere. I’ve come so far, yet my journey is just beginning. Thank you all.


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