Reality Tv… A plauge upon the mind of the stupid

Reality TV is some grade A bullshit. Keeping up with the Kardashians is my first example. No one cares about your materialistic and conceited lifestyle and thinking where the value of morality is worth less than the value of money and publicity. “Oh my god Kim, I just like, cant like, believe like, he would like, say that, like, what the hell?” Get a grasp on vocabulary and broaden your minds.

Let’s focus on the brainless wonder Kim. Now, I’m of 2 minds when it comes to this woman. She’s either willing to be led and a brainless twit,or she is a genius. Shall we talk about her? Yes, we shall.

Televised wedding brought in millions in revenue, well played. Violates the sanctity of marriage and publicly televised it, not so well played. Her sham marriage crumbles, divorces and then shacks up and makes a sextape with some degenerate called “Ray J” (props on creativity cockhead) to be leaked on the debut of the Kardashians program. Is that brilliant or not? Basically prostituting yourself for publicity. Then she married that waste of space and talentless douchebag, Kanye “mouth breather” West and now he, is a real fuckwit. Even the President of the United States said ‘he’s a giant douche’. It’s on the net, youtube it. I can’t stand the kardashian clan, a degenerate culture built on the worship of celebrity and power. I’m waiting for an episode where Kim is travelling abroad, is taken by Isis and executed online, I would pay good money for that. And I’d probably get my rocks off at the same time. Yes, I am a little brutal but that’s the way it is.

My next targets are ‘The Real Housewives of” anywhere. First off. No one gives a fuck about how thick you make up is or how saggy your face looks. Half these women look like they’ve stood too close to the fire and are in no way appealing to any audience except those with as little care for relevant issues as these women think they are, which they’re not. No one cares about your stupid fucking yacht or 50 year old pregnancy. It’s the pinnacle of the downfall of society. I’ll repeat, no one gives a fuck.

My last target would have to be, hmmmmm…. Let me think…. Let’s go with ‘Jersey (whore) Shore’. First off, a party lifestyle in your mid 20’s and early 30’s doesn’t make you a hero. It makes you a fuckwit. If I wanted to see drunk sluts and macho dudes getting fucked up, I’d go clubbing. What kind of example are these fuckers setting for the people who watch this mindless garbage? A poor one in my humble opinion. “Let’s get as drunk as we can, make fools of ourselves and get famous by being a dickhead while shaming our families and nation”. Sure, if you want to. You won’t get any respect from me. I would pay to see you get sandwiched by 2 trucks travelling from opposite directions, full speed. It would probably save the minds of an already lost culture and bring about some serious thought to the bullshit you’re trying to promote. It disgusts me. So much fucking hate. Just as bad as the kardashians and Paris Hilton back in her ‘Simple life’ days.

Yes. I hate the culture of celebrity and the poisonous garbage it spreads through the minds of our peers. We should be celebrating intellectual achievement and not degenerate behaviour. So let me ask you, Why oh why, do you all support these brainless twats and the stupid shit they do? Am I the only one who feels this way about it? Am I the only sane man left on the planet?


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