Todays Beach Walk


Good afternoon beautiful people. Today was one hell of a scorcher. So hot in fact, I had to pour hot coffee in my lap to cool down. All terrible jokes aside, it was a beautiful day and I took advantage of the early afternoon sun to go for a walk along the beach.

WP_20160209_15_13_08_Pro.jpg (view from the hill)

It seems the closer to the summit I walked, the warmer it got, but considering my lack of fitness and no actual desire to get Into shape, I’ll let it slide and pass it off as laziness.

I could smell baked twigs and leaves amongst the loose sand and chunks of spread limestone, the cicadas and grasshoppers ringing deafening chirps as I make my way through the bush and up the dunes, the blue canvas of the ocean breaking above the tree line and the salty air bringing fresh energy to my lungs. I couldn’t ask for a better day.
Finally bridging the last of the dunes I can hear waves breaking on the shore, the immense power bringing thunder over the sounds of nature and her inhabitants, I couldn’t wait to paddle my feet and wonder if I’ll see any dolphins and fish again, sadly there were none to be found.

Taking off my thongs and walking along the shoreline, I make my way towards the nude beach and the few participants actively soaking up the sun on leathery testicles and tanned breasts. I didn’t think it was legal to take a pic, so ill leave it to your imagination 😉
It took me about an hour or so to walk from the dune I danced down due to the hot sand and up the beach, past the nudes and back. I didn’t see too much of interest, but way out in the deep blue I could see black shapes breaking the surface and catching the sun, rays reflected like diamonds and had me wondering what they are, I guessing they were whales of a sort.

A couple of paddle boarders were out and a handful of kids and their parents splashing in the shallow waves. Friendly greetings all around and the sun beating sweat out of me like you wouldn’t believe. Needless to say, it was warm enough to fry eggs on the sand or on my back. I hope your day was a lovely as mine 🙂


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