A battle of bread. Who will win?

Reblog of of my fave bit 🙂

Lord Farmington


A single slice of Bread.
Physically the weakest contender for the, “Fresh Food Fight Free For All”. Our poor friend Breads delicious, and soft composition is the basis of its appeal, thus being the exact cause of its downfall. Without a shield, a suit of armour, or a light toasting, old mate Breads chances of survival are: ‘slim to “that guy was delicious, do we have any more?” So keeping all this in mind, let’s move onto our dear friend Bread’s first challenger, “The Humble Roll”

Bread Roll.
Debuting and weighing in at a whopping 2 ounces (56 grams), the humble roll boasts such features as, sturdy stature and build, lightweight yet firm to the touch while being soft to the bite, lightly dusted with seseame, and comes with a single serve tab of butter, so even if you do tear holes in in the humble roll while…

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