Self Control and knowing Your Limits

Warning. This post is for the free thinking and open minded. It contains adult themes and drug references.

Todays post is about the good old green herb.
I know there’s a fuck-load of propaganda based on misconception and political fear, big pharm and Independent third party sponsors that pour millions of dollars Into scare campaigns and misleading the public to keep revenue up for harmful prescription drugs, but what’s the real harm? Compared to alcohol and prescription drugs, it’s much less. I’m not a drinker, I don’t enjoy it and when I do drink, I turn into a nasty prick who thrives on violence and disarray. For me, weed is part of my culture and to violate my freedom of choice is violating basic human rights.

Let me explain. When I smoke, the worst that happens is I’ll savagely attack the contents of the fridge and leave no survivors. As it is with my depression and anxiety, marijuana helps me eat, sleep, create and function on a level that I can’t reach while sober or drunk. The anti depressants I’ve been prescribed give me problems. They restrict my appetite, they make me unstable and grumpy and give me chronic headaches. I get insomnia when medicated and my health generally goes to shit. I self medicate with weed to find balance. I don’t smoke outrageous amounts for fun, I smoke just enough to function and look after my health. They say weed makes you stupid, not so. I’ve been smoking the better part of 15 years and my IQ stands above 136. If anything, it’s had a rise.

When you smoke, it inhibits the synapses and neurons in the brain, causing rapid and deep thought, much faster than when sober. Sure, I might not be able to remember all my brilliant ideas when high, but that’s because the brain functions in such a way that the thoughts are as endless as they are conscious. Deep and all consuming. But when I write and I’m on a roll, my mind goes places it can’t reach when sober, and certainly clearer than when I’m drinking.

“Marijuana is a gateway drug”
I’m calling bullshit on this too. You see, weed gives a different kind of high than meth or acid, believe me. Meth is a fully focused and powerful concentration drug I found in my experience. I’ve dabbled in a great many a substance, but I’ve never had an addiction to any of them. It’s all about knowing your limits. If you feel yourself falling into a trap, stop. That’s on you. If you can’t control your habits, that’s on you and seek help. I’m an ADD kid, I found when I smoked meth, my concentration soars and my creative ability hits a level unparalleled by my dexamphetamine medication, which I took myself off when I was 14 due to having to work on a farm and having no energy. I’m not condoning the use of illicit substances, just letting you know that I have control over my mental and physical desires. As would anyone who genuinely cares about their health and wellbeing.

“If weed isn’t a gateway, then why did you smoke methamphetamines?”
I was curious. It’s not because I was bored with green or needed a more intense high because, we all know marijuana is the devils tool, retards. I wanted to see for myself what it was like instead of listening to the bullshit driven into us by our government and health officials. If someone tells you sheep tastes like chicken, would you take their word for it, or try the sheep for yourself? I always do what I believe is right for me, and if experimenting and coming to my own conclusions is the way to go, then that’s what I’ll do, regardless of the illogical laws of men and gods.

I don’t actively smoke meth, but I have tried it a number of times and I enjoyed it. Some of my best works were written while under the influence of hard substances, and yet here I am, addiction-less and still fully functional. It’s all about control. I’m not recommending everyone give it a go, I’m saying draw your own conclusions by personal experience. Yeah I’ve seen it destroy my friends, but only because they don’t have the will to say no and that’s their problem. I do, and I do. That’s the difference between recreation and addiction or abuse. Self control. Work on it.

“Meth makes you violent”
Again I have to disagree. You see, the times I smoked it, it was for a massive gaming marathon, in the comfort and privacy of my own home, in a controlled environment with a good friend of mine. I’ve never felt the urge to rape, maim or kill anyone while under the influence, it’s all about environment and limiting yourself, and the come down is nothing compared to a hangover, and its easier to sleep off because the body is exhausted from 48 hours of intense gaming.

You might sit there and judge me because you have a different view, but it’s my decision to smoke weed, and I didn’t petition to outlaw alcohol when I watched my drunk ex-step dad beat the living shit out of my ma, but it did open my eyes to the danger of ‘legal’ substances, and that’s another reason I don’t drink. It turns a loving parent into a hate filled prick, much the same as it does to me.

I’ll have to wind it up. So yes, I’ve smoked meth, taken acid, cocaine, smoked DMT, drank, had various base forms of ecstasy and my preferred vice is weed. It’s our nature to find an escape from reality every now and then, but it’s on you to manage how you do it. As I said before, I don’t condone drug use, but I’m an adult, free thinking, loving and understanding. My intelligence far outstrips my peers and I enjoy getting fucked up from time to time. Even some of our animal brothers eat naturally available substances.

So I ask you, what’s your stance on personal freedom? Just because it could be legal, doesn’t mean everyone is going to become an addict or abuse it, self control. Discipline and knowing your limits. Regulation and limited access. You see? I’m living proof you can enjoy ‘dangerous’ substances without endangering yourself or others. Just be responsible and keep an open mind. I wish we could outlaw religion, but everyone is entitled to their beliefs and I respect that, as you should respect the choices of others. Who are you to form an opinion on something you’ve never experienced or you have witnessed the absolute worst outcome of? It doesn’t always end in tragedy, and when it does, it’s a rare occasion. Limit yourself, take responsibility for your actions and stop passing the buck. Fuck.


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