Gone Girl.

I knew a girl who’s smile changed the world. Her crooked grin mirrored his own, and her wit is sharper than a honed blade. She spoke not with her mouth, but with her heart, soul, and body. An infectious laugh brought his own to burst forth like a cauldron of bubbles from his lips and their eyes moistened in delight. She was nonsense he understood, and every moment was another lifetime of laughs and memories.

He couldn’t believe the story she beheld was of more imagination and passion than he could possibly fathom, she was an epic tale, the likes of which the world would never see, and this, broke his heart. She is the untold story that would elude him for the rest of his days, the phantom behind every other word he writes, she is what he wishes he could write. Broken hearts littered around his bed from earlier days and battle-torn chases. Shards cut soft feet and icy spikes pierced hearts and still, he dreams of one laugh, whispers one name and craves one touch.

She scattered as fine ashes on the harshest wind, wiped like cigarette smoke in a hurricane with her presence to linger like cancer. She was arrogant and he was proud. She was hurt and so was he, but it need not break like the fine straw on a camels back, but sadly, they were stupid. He pushed her, she turned away and took a step back. The wall between them is held by her and she isn’t budging. Maybe time will talk reason, but until then, his words fall on deaf ears and his heart, remains in a thousand pieces.



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