What day is it? thursday?

11am. Up and at ’em. Rise and shine mother fuckers. We have an exciting day planned and it all starts at the Curtain Uni Campus. Today, I’m enrolling in a prep course for a fast track to my writing and creative studies. One of the many perks to furthering my education to open doors further down the line, and the wildlife is a close second. I’m not sure if I can concentrate with all these beautiful women around. And I mean Wow. Not even in my wildest dreams have I seen such beauty. Not even last night when I dreamt I got back with my ex and kids, and sadly that was only a dream (that’s every night this week it’s been about her). But Uni, that’s where I’m headed.

I’m currently on the toilet doing this intro 🚹, but as soon as I finish and wash my hands, I’ll be taking my bike and heading for a ride up the hill, through the heat, to the air conditioned comfort of Sarah’s office. It sounds pretty good on paper, and I’ll update as soon as I get to where I’m going, probably an uneventful journey but I have a big day planned, so you never know. Personally, I’m hoping to meet a girl, a spirit who can challenge me mentally and physically, for me, that’s the dream of late.

The ride was smooth, uneventful. And the air con was a blessing. My chick Sarah wasn’t available but her friendly helper took my name and number, showed me to a computer and allowed me to enroll in my prep and art course. It was simple enough a procedure, type here, number there, email address here, point, click and we are done. You’ll get a call before the end of the week with a time to start. Needless to say I was thrilled. As soon as I stepped outside, you wouldn’t guess what I witnessed…


3 kangaroos. A medium, a small and a baby, a joey. Just standing on the lawn outside administrations. All three of em. I was about to have a cigarette when I spotted them, so I dropped whatever I was holding to switch it out for my phone, and I got a handful of pics. Needless to day my day took a mighty turn for the better when I saw nature at its finest. Simply wonderful. Magnificent. I lost my shit in my excitement and a passing gentleman stopped for a laugh and a chat while I was sprawled prone on the ground, trying to edge closer for a better shot. Here I am, flat in my belly in the middle of campus, trying to get the best pic I can, oblivious to the crowd forming around me. So far it’s been swell. I’m at the forum atm, waiting for Murphy to get her glasses upgraded and writing. Almost lunchtime, but my Wendy’s chick isn’t working so ill go elsewhere to eat hahahaha.

McDonalds it is. And the beautiful brunette with green skinnies and tangles of bleached silver is gorgeous. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. It seemed every time she looked around, her gaze always passed mine, I should have pulled a funny face at her, she gave the impression she would appreciate public gestures of lunacy and madness, I sure do. If I see her again, I won’t hesitate to stutter up a storm while asking for her number, or at least her name. With my luck, I’d be successful, followed by disillusioned with the knowledge she isn’t as crazy as I like em, almost as crazy as myself. But rest assured, my pining after the Maccas girl is only temporary.

I ended up leaving lunch with Murph, Brax and Brendon to go for a stroll and find myself something to kill the time. Big W always has distractions, and that’s where I am atm. Kids are back in school, it’s milf central and my eyes are going to get me in trouble if anything. Honeys everywhere, the occasional scruff here and there, with highly polished tiles to catch my otherwise, wandering eye. Yes, I’m shopping for a girlfriend haha, as usual. But enough about me and my debaucherous habits, let’s continue with my mission.

Did I mention I’ve enrolled in uni now? Hopefully start in a week if not sooner, just waiting on the call. I’m happy I get to study my chosen field and will be in an environment where I can thrive. I’ve always had a thing with the written word, as you might have gathered by this point, and I imagine I always will. Passion is all consuming in this case, dwarfed only by my love of science, creativity and romance. I am passion incarnate, I am the beating heart of man.

I could be getting a little off track, but that happens with an extensive write up. So to surmise, I woke up, answered natures most beckoning of calls, rode to the uni and did some paperwork, was surprised by nature and made my way to the other side of town to see my Ma at work. Saw my brother and Ethan, saw Murphy, Brax and Bren and went for lunch at Micky D’s. Spotted the most beautiful woman and choked when I wanted to ask for her number, followed quickly by my own departure and a leisurely stroll through the shopping centre. I’m sitting at Wendy’s people watching and having a perv now. And talking of perving, the beautiful blonde at Sanity is working. Might have to go for a browse and see what’s new 🙂 and that’s what I’m going to do in a minute.

Well I didn’t go to Sanity, I got distracted by finally being able to access the Hilltop Hoods album, ‘State of the Art’ on Youtube. Usually the record is blocked by copyright law, but something must have changed because I found it without a problem, and it was playable. So I fired up ‘Chris Farley’ and got caught up in my excitement and walked off for a smoke whilst neglecting my manly desires to look at the beautiful ladies. Man, I’ll tell ya “I wanna party like Elvis, senseless on the toilet, pissing on my own pelvis, helpless. Choking on vodka and shellfish, get found by my girl like “God, you’re so selfish”‘. A great track and well worth the wait to hear it. I’m going to buy the album next week, plastic. Fuck downloads and pirate shit. Keep it legit, bitch.

“This will be my last confession. This industry can leave harsh impressions. I have little faith they forgive me for my past discretions, where we live and learn that history and past are lessons. The day this is work, the love of it dies. Yeah I might a t like I hate it at times, but I guess jealousies’ the curse that the struggle inspires.” You see what I mean about Aussie hip hop, and how Kanye ‘dickhole’ West just doesn’t compare? It’s cultured, has feeling and meaning. “Please baby, no more parties in LA”. Fucking terrible. I can’t see how any Aussie can find any relevance to the bullshit that drips from his pronounced fish lips. Talentless fuck, catering to a brainless society with no sense of self or identity. Garbage on a good day, that’s Kanye.

Well that’s my hate out. Almost, I want to peel his lips off and wipe my ass with em, they’re big enough. And I’ll use his tongue to wipe off my balls when I teabag his sleeping wife. Meh. As I was saying, it was an eventful day. I went to Red Dot to find a backpack for uni, found my future ex wife at the counter and couldn’t find what I needed so I begged her a good day and a ‘fare thee well’. That pretty much concludes my day. It’s 5pm. I’m home again and have to edit the pics in to my post. Thank for reading all. Take care



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