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Why hello there handsome stranger, might I take but a moment of your time to enlighten you to the most relevant site on the tangled Interwebs? It’s somewhat of a cross between satire, science, pop culture and general fuckery. It’s educational, entertaining and gives a unique perspective into everything they touch on. Musicians, performers, outspoken scientific minds from centuries ago, history, various culture, the film industry, politics. All the sources are published with the articles and are the works of their original owners. I don’t own any rights to any work featured. Just showing my love.

It’s also a fan based site and gives contributors the chance to submit articles and compete in competitions to win cash and be published on the site. It’s an interactive way to not only learn, but to teach others as well. Here you will find a vibrant and Lively community, people just like you and I, open to mild offence and happy to give some back, in a harmless and playful manner. It’s by far my favourite site, I have an account and love trawling through the whole site on a daily basis.

Not only do they cater to facebook and the fans of their own domain, they also have a variety of YouTube channels to become needlessly addicted to. The channels are fantastic. Want to know what the faces of Cracked discuss in the series After Hours?Everything to do with popular culture. Disney, fan theories, theories of movies that are secretly told from the perspective of another character, all sorts. Want to know what the best super power is? They’ll digress. Another one I’m fond of is Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder. This is where Dan O’Brien covers everything to do with pop culture, past and present, and in a satirical manner. The whole lot is amazing. They have books out too, which I’m yet to obtain but will get there one day.

I know I can praddle on and on and on and on and on and on, and I would love to,  believe me, but alas I must continue with my madness and insanity. I hope the links work, I hope you like the pics, and most of all, I hope you visit the site. Thanks for reading folks, it’s been a pleasure as always.wp_ss_20160223_0013.pngawp_ss_20160223_0014.png.


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