Hello? Is this the past?Im looking for someone

When I was a teenager, I had a girlfriend. She lived here. I lived there, and it’s my belief that due to these two very different locations, we missed the our first chance to truly dive into what we had. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not being Romantic or anything of the like, I’m simply telling you a short story… So hang in there and ill give you the brief version.

Alrighty, I was 15 or so. Was on holidays from boarding school and was staying at my cousin’s place. My cousin had a friend, and her name is Carla. Carla and I hit it off Instantly. Twittering on about things that teenagers talk about, music, drugs, sex. The usual. We ended up dating for a little while but unfortunately, we fell out of touch a short time later.

While we were dating, she came down and stayed with us for a few days, and with Mothers being Mothers, it was hard to convince mine to let me share a bed with Carla while she was down. Naturally the old chook refused flat foot out, and that was the end of it. Needless to say, I was a teenage boy with the home field advantage and time on my side. So you should be aware that what mothers say, and what teenage boys do, are two completely different things.

You can probably guess at what happened, ‘He snuck Into her room when his Ma went to bed. Farm and Carla, they were naturally explorative and engaging people with bodily desires and they eventually succumbed to their sexual wants, only to awaken to Ma standing over them the next morning with a raised frying pan, and we can all guess what happened then’, and you would be wrong. Here’s what happened. And I’ll have to skim over a few bits due to content, but you’ll get the idea.

I was waiting patiently for mum to go to bed. I played Pokemon on my Gameboy Colour, read, fucked around, and fantasised about the girl in the room next to mine. My heart would have been racing, pounding in my chest as I thought about the seemingly endless scenarios that flicked through my imaginative brain. After going to do a wee to see if mum was still up and discovering ‘yes, I’m still up. Make sure you go back to your own room when you’re done in there’, I ended up dropping my guard for a minute, and the Sandman raped my eyes with his perverted sleep dust and I lay victim to a savage bout of ‘Impatience napping’

I woke up to the sound of the old boy getting home from work at 6am and the gate creaking as he walked into the front yard and through the front door. In my sleepy confusion, I had almost forgot about the girl who was waiting for me in the next room. Alert, I slip my socks on and tiptoe down the hall to where Carla is. I try and open her door slowly to stop it creaking, no such luck. This drives mum into HyperPolice mode and she calls out ‘Is that you Carla?’ “yeah, I’m just going to the toilet” Carla says (Good save, good cover). ‘OK honey, not a worry’ is the response.

Slipping into Carla’s bed and under her covers, we start to get a little excited. Here’s a fun fact, I had only had sex a couple of times before in my experience. Having my gf stay overnight, even if it was separate rooms, was wicked. So she’s wearing her t-shirt and tiny little (red lace?) G-string, kissing me and our hands are starting to get adventurous, as is my mind. One thing leads to another and I end up going down on her, and she said and I quote “Let me return the favour” (for some reason, it’s emotional and heartfelt stuff I can remember best, vividly).

Now this is where the memory gets a little fuzzy, I’m not sure if mum came in while Carla was appropriately dressed and lying next to me, or if we were caught in the direct aftermath of our sexual adventure, from the sound of springs, moans or groans. But rest assured, we did get caught, and lectured. Although it didn’t stop us from taking advantage of time alone together. All I wanted to do was kiss her, touch her,.go down on her, and her head was amazing. I remember a lot about our brief relationship, more than what I realised I did.

So as the story progresses, Carla and I eventually drift apart when I go back to boarding school in the middle of fucking nowhere, and she back to the city. I can honestly say she’s one of my most prominent memories of romance, and the memory endured without fading for 14 years. It was at this time I decided to check Facebook and see if I could find her.

Surprisingly, it was easy. I typed her name in, a handful of possible candidates came up and I took one at random, checked where she was from and upon seeing it was the same area I remember her being from, I sent her a message.

It went something along the lines of  “Is this the Carla **** i met about 14 years ago at my cousin Haley’s ******* place when she used to live in ************?”

And the response was
“Holy crap lol yeah I am sorry for late reply jst got your friend request n was trying to place where I knew u from lol damn u have a good memory 🙂 how has the last 14 yrs been haha”

Maybe the remembrance is a little stronger in myself, probably because she was the girl I was with before I went back to an all boys ag school, could say memories got me through the night. But anyway, after that initial reconnection, we have been talking non stop, and I mean non stop. From science, reading, authors, our personal history, current problems, views on aliens, emotion, history, music, and absolute bullshit about fuck all. 1500 character texts, countless pics and sites shared.


I know I said it was going to be a short version, and this one is, believe me so I’ll wind it up by saying. Fate is a funny thing. Here is a woman I’ve known for over half my life. Instantly we have an equal, if not better understanding of each other than what our closest friends do. Words can’t express how crazy and welcome this is, what a mind she has and how she stimulates mine. I’m glad I reached out to her, she’s an amazing human, mo doubt a wonderful mother and a thinker. Oi, and she likes Star Gate. How fucking cool is that?

See? I didn’t get all romantic and shit. And that’s the story of my exciting reconnection. We both agree it could be fate, or it could be a manifestation of my vivid memory and desire to contact her again and see how she is (she’s getting there, and I have strong faith she will get there. She’s pretty swell). Fates a fickle mistress, don’t fight her, you can’t possibly win. Took me an hour to write this so far.


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