Oi. I have something to say (As Usual).


Not to toot my own horn, but I’m a pretty swell guy, at times. Although I’ve been know to be selfish, petty, jealous, violent, abusive, cowardly, arrogant, macho and condescending too. These are aspects and traits we all share. Some more than others, and others that aren’t listed. You see ladies and gentlemen, it’s been five days since I’ve written anything. I’ve been a little distracted with a couple of things and to say I wanted to write would be a lie. I’ve been lazy, well entertained and shown a great deal of affection by a certain lovely lass. It’s been wicked chills, movies, xbox and general greatness that’s kept me quiet. But I’ve been thinking, it’s about time I wrote something and I have a lot to mention.

First off, CRACKED.COM. Don’t turn away just yet, hear me out. I know I write about these guys frequently, feature a lot of their content in my works and preach their praise to the world on a daily basis but there is a reason for it. THEY’RE JUST SO FUCKING GOOD. Truly amazing. I’ll keep this section relatively short and sweet, like my coffee. So as I was saying once again, CRACKED have conquered the entertainment web with their blend of satire and pop culture dissection, they’ve spared no prisoners and it’s a “no holds barred” battle of wit and intellect. Needless to say, its a bloodbath of stings and proud ego. The best part is, it’s all relevant to today’s society and all her miscreants. Type “Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder” into youtube, check out what I mean. You won’t be disappointed, make sure you take an open, mind with you. These guys will destroy your Disney based delusions.

Golly, what else to write? I have plenty, but I think I’ll save it for another day. I’m bushed.


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