Saturdays Small Rant


Jesus “on a stick” Christ. I enjoy being offensive. The main appeal to causing offence, is either (a): People simply misunderstand the context, or (b): People care too much about what someone says, even if that someone doesn’t actively give a shit and they’re (someone) getting the response they want. You see ladies and gentlemen, there are many types of people in this world, and I’m the kind who takes joy in joy, joy in pain, and joy the horrific. It’s not because I’m an asshole, it’s because there’s wonder in everything. The science behind a psychopathic mind is joy. The love for nature is joy. The wonder at the incomprehensible acts of “evil” is also joy. It’s stimulating. Yes, I like pain, sorrow and carnage. I also like life, nature and babies. There’s two sides to every coin and just because one side is landed more often than the other, doesn’t mean the other side isn’t just as important and crucial to survival. You’ve seen what I write, so you should know it’s 50/50 on whether I slay some cunt, or sing someone’s praise. It’s the margin of error when I touch on something different. You want pure fiction and stories, try my other blogs. They’re nowhere near as personal. If you don’t know what they are, you haven’t been paying attention. For shame.

I don’t have a point. I’m just rambling. Too often I have internal dialogues between Myself, Farm and Fool, without getting them out. I have 3 perspectives. 3 motivating factors. I have 3 ways of thinking and they often battle each other for dominance and the soap box I am so fond of, My Blog. Sounds a little nuts, I know. But it makes perfect sense if you consider it. Are you completely selfless? No. No you’re not, nor am I. But I’m not completely selfish, nor are you. What we have are skills for personally motivating, considering outcome, benefit and punishment factors. Money money money, work work work. Fuck fuck fuck. Shit shit shit. You see? It’s all bullshit. Everything you believe about society. We don’t need money. But we do need cooperation. We don’t need massive farms for consumerism, we need independently sustained communities that are run and worked by the people. Money is nothing. It’s the best way of keeping people in check and controlling the masses.

To put simply, the best way to control the mind, is to subdue and diminish over countless generations, breeding out will and independence to replace it with placidity and obedience. In this world, farmers would be king. Trading produce for human services as payment. The majority disgust me. Mindlessly working away for a private Industry that most of the world doesn’t believe exists. You work for the independant third party who operates separately to government and public parties. You think your working with freedom. You’re working to remain subdued, oppressed and ignorant. Do you have rights? Yes. Yes you do. You have the right to remain compliant. You have the right to be used in servitude. You have the right to remain ignorant of what life is. You have the right, to do what the government and her allies tell you to do. You have the right to smoke, toxic cigarettes made by big tobacco while the government lines their pockets with your blood and denies you the right to grow your own natural alternative. Tobacco plants are illegal?…. I wonder why? It could be the Gov would lose billions in revenue and sponsorship and partnerships, and that would cost the sheeple their right to be obedient.

Everything you know, you ignore. Every lie you’re told, you swallow (like your fucking mother). Everytime you’re told no, you accept it as “That’s the way it is”. But again, you’re wrong. Are you aware of what revolution is? Anarchy? Dystopia? Have you heard of civil war and referendum? The first three could be called terrorism to a lesser extent, probably by those who would try and keep you from learning otherwise. So the circle is complete and lies feed ignorance and stupidity, while the majority suffer unwittingly, but willingly. Surely you understand what I’m saying. Although this is the accustomed way of life for society, it isn’t the only way. There’s other ways of living.

**ATTENTION GOVERNMENT. YOU CAN SUCK MY FUCKING DICK. YOUR LAWS ARE ILLOGICAL AND SELF SERVING TO MEET YOUR OWN ENDS THROUGH GREED AND MANIPULATION, RESULTING IN YOUR PERMANENTLY CROWNED POSITION OF “ORDER”. You’re not fooling me, I see through you. I fight against you. I believe we can have it better though a unified humanity and as one people. No religion. It’s not welcome in my home. Prejudice isn’t welcome in my home. Hate isn’t welcome in my home. Bullies aren’t welcome in my home…

Farm, Fool and Lewd out. Thanks for reading


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