Gunslinger, a Hollywood fuck up in the making.


Hollywood. They take a good story, rape and violate it, then release a shadow of what it should be, to the public. Stephen King, I’m talking to you. Todays topic is my favourite series about to be destroyed by the ignorance of Hollywood and its greedy executives. The Dark Tower Series. Mainly Gunslinger.

First off, Roland is white. Why are they casting a black man for a white character? Is it because there’s a lack of “Diversity” in Hollywood? Do you think casting a black man for a role that has been portrayed as white all through the written works, will give the critics what they want? You’re making a bad decision here guys, if anything, cast a white man. At least then you wouldn’t have to rewrite original dialogue to match the script. This isn’t a black man’s role, in the series, he’s white. You’ve already lost one certain fan to the written series by tainting it. Keep it original, or don’t bother making it by insulting the fans.

Are they going to put the black guy in white face to stick true to the story?

Second, Matthew Mconaughey is the worst person you could pick for Walter O’dim, aka The MaN in Black. Mconaughey can’t act, I doubt he has even read the fucking series or understands the drive behind Walters actions. To offer a one genre showman to an epic the likes of The Dark Tower, is going to make this a flop. I won’t be lining up to watch them massacre Stephen King’s Crowning achievement, no sir. They’ll kill it like they killed ‘John Dies At The End’ by David Wong. Pitiful.

How many literary masterpieces must they desecrate before the owners of the story put their foot down? Let me give you a run down of Gunslinger.

Roland is white.
Walter is white.
Jake is a white kid.
Eddie is white.
Susannah is black.
Oy is a billy bumbler.

God I can’t do this, I’m furious. Fuck you Hollywood. I hope you’re the next target for ISIS. You deserve it, you godless Cretans. Sacrificing story for money. Stephen king, you dropped a peg in my book.

I’ll continue this later


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