Animal testing

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Welcome internet friends, today’s topic is animal testing and why it’s essential to the industries. I’ll probably get some hate for this, but I don’t care, I’ll be making a solid argument here and if you don’t like it, feel free to fuck off, cockhead.

First off, animals are the best option for testing. You all complain “it’s wrong, it’s inhumane” blah blah fucking blah. Get over it. They’re animals. Expendable, replaceable, easily obtained. There’s a reason we test on animals, and it’s exactly what I stated. They’re expendable.

I don’t see any of you keyboard warriors and social media defenders actively volunteering to take their place… Is it because you’re scared of the side effects? Is it because you don’t actually care enough to step up, or maybe you just want to look like you’re sympathetic and a good person. Is it because deep down, you know it’s the best way to develop cosmetics, medicines and test products? Probably the latter judging by my brilliance, but I’m not on trial here, I’m just the guy defending our rights to pratice and develop safely. Safe for humans that is, don’t go twisting my words for an argument you can’t win.

Second, if your argument is “the developers of these products should be the subjects”, you clearly don’t understand that the minds that develop these products, are far greater than your own and shouldn’t be compromised or risked for the sake of sparing a few beasts. I love animals, but I rather they be tested on than people.

A bit of a conflict there but it’s true, do you disagree? Will you take their place? Didn’t fucking think so. Get off your high horse. Maybe we could take the homeless off the streets or the mentally impaired? Is that more humane for you? No? Then shut your mouth and use that giant brain you happen to be wasting.

Would you volunteer your children, or use animals? Would you suffer in the name of science and progress to spare some readily available pigs, monkeys and rabbits? No? Again, I didn’t think so. So before you go protesting that it’s inhumane and savage, stop to think about how fucking ridiculous those claims are, so imagine if you took their place, and just how quickly you would swap places with something lower on the intellect chain…

I think I’ve made my point, or maybe you would rather use blacks or Muslims, just to save a beast that can barely register its own existence… For shame people, for shame.

Feel free to email me your uneducated opinion,

Just be warned, if you rub me the wrong way, I will fuck with you and make it public entertainment. Have a lovely day and Thanks for reading.


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