Ted ’14 year old girl’ Mosby



So much to write and so little time, I want to keep insulting fuckers and spilling secrets but today, I’m going to enlighten you as to why Ted Mosby is a little bitch. Ted Mosby is the befuddled fool on the “(s)hit” TV series titled “How I met your mother”, who falls in love with every vagina he gets within close enough proximity to, to detect their subtle, crustacean aromas. I lost count of how many women he foolishly persues in the belief that they are “The one”. He’s a 14 year old girl trapped in a “man’s” body and probably the worst character on TV to date.

If I wanted to watch a guy pine after some forgettable fling, I’d watch sex and the city. If I want to watch a man chasing the wrong girl, I’d watch scrubs or some other terribly clichéd crap. There’s only one time I would willingly watch HIMYM, and that’s if I was on my rags and needed Ted’s effeminate support, or maybe a tampon. The cunt’s a joke, more woman than the women he chases, and zero masculinity. No wonder women love that show, it’s about a guy with a vagina.

Ted’s feminine qualities are eclipsed by Robyn’s manly ones, and the duo that saves the series from being the “man’s version” of sex and the city, is Marshal and Lilly. Barney is an insubstantial character at best and personally, I could do without his bullshit persona.

Fuck I hate this show, it’s the pinnacle of bad entertainment and should have been cut as soon as Ted’s vagina made itself at home where a swinging cock and balls should be.

I think I’ve made a fair point. Farm out for now, next up I’ll be singing praise to Community


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