Trials and Revelations.


She shivered as she climbed out of the pool of iced water. Slim arms tired, straining to lift her feather weight above the calm collective of blue. She pants, drops onto the tiles and falls asleep to dream of what tired girls dream…

“Christy? Are you in here? It’s 7am and we have to get ready for school. Mum has breakfast cooking and you still need to shower”, it was Anya. Slender, tattooed and piercing blue eyes to accompany rose red lips. Taking a step toward the pool she can see a leg bent and foot touching up to the sky, toes lax and a silver bracelet wrapping the ankle. “Christy? Are you ok? Chisty?” Anya took a dozen steps, past the small row of seats and to the raised rim of the pool, kneeling down and planting a gentle hand on the sleeping Christy’s back. “Christy, wake the fuck up lazy bones”, Anya drops a towel over pale shoulders and repeats “Christy, wake up. It’s breakfast time”. Slowly Christy comes to, doe eyed and lost, she asks “what time is it?” “It’s 7:03 (looking down at her pink watch) A.M, shake your rump sis, we have to get ready”.

Skinny wrists reach toward silver handles. Steaming water jets through the showerhead and onto a pale, freckled back. Shoulder blades slightly protrude, pushing the flesh taut as she braces herself for the temperate waters of the shower. The feeling of fire meets ice and she shivers with anticipation and wraps her arms around herself. The naked Christy leans on one leg, reaches down to the shower’s ledge and picks up shampoo, gently massaging through her hair with fingers soothing the scalp. She repeats the process with the conditioner and leaves it to sit while she shaves her legs, bikini and underarms. Preparing for the day ahead and gathering herself mentally. Today is going to be full on, tests and tryouts, study then work afterward. Not to mention Sarah, the dictatorial teacher with a bit of a hard spot for soft Christy.

(Why does Sarah have to make an appearance? This isn’t even part of her tale. Framework maybe? Hmm… I’m not sure).

Towelling off and grabbing denim shorts and an open neck white shirt, she swipes her shoes as she passes the door and makes her way downstairs to the kitchen, aromas of bacon frying wafting through the house and setting saliva glands into a cascade of liquid. Taking one step at a time, the smells get stronger and Christy mutters, “Fuck, that smells so good. Don’t even bother cutting the pig, I feel I could swallow it whole” “That’s good news for your lover sis, I could ask you for some pointers” chimes Anya’s tongue and cheek. “Anya!”, declares her mother, “watch your mouth, it isn’t even 8 o’clock, a lady should have a little decency about her.” “Mum, I’m so far from a lady I’m surprised you can’t see my dick swinging” Anya casts a wink at Christy before looking to gauge her Mother’s reaction. Ms G barks an escaped laugh and covers it with “like I said, watch your mouth dear, and hurry up. We have things to do.”


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