Age of Empires: Castle Siege


Good evening Ladies 🚺 and Gentlemen 🚹, welcome. Tonight’s post is rewritten because my app shut down as I was doing a final edit, and I lost all my previously written work. I’ve turned auto save on to save me throwing my phone through the wall and killing a neighbour. As I was saying, tonight’s post. Tonight’s post is about a game called Age of Empires: Castle siege. It’s on par with Clash of Clans and forgive me for saying so, but I’ll try and back this claim up with a solid argument and convincing defence.

I spent months looking for a game to replace Clash of Clans on this device, literally months and finally, I found one. I almost lost faith in the gaming community and low and behold, development team Smoking Gun Interactive along with Microsoft have released a tower defence game able to compete with Clash of Clans/Lords and / or, other imitations. The strategy outweighs Clash instantly by being able to direct where troops go after deployment. Let me give you a rundown.

First off with any TD, lure enemy troops. Send a Tank to take damage and a few ranged troops to cover from a distance. Always draw troops away from enemy defences and flank.

Once the enemy troops have been mercilessly slaughtered feel free to send in the masses. Now this, this is where it gets a little tactical, where the game changes and the field drops away.

Now that the party has arrived, direct your Tanks toward defences, troops to non-def builds and Res troops towards res. By covering with tanks, you can focus on small builds and Res to free up the rest of your forces to converge as a swarm, and take down the rest of the base.

 Special Ability. When you choose your civilisation, you get to choose a Hero with a particular perk. My guy boosts Res Troops and does massive damage to Res builds himself. A great feature. And the best thing? You can unlock 24 or so of them. And they UG (Upgrade) too. Aaaand, you can have more than one per battle, depending on your progress.

Along with destroying the keep, a chest is awarded. A chest that give extra Res, Gold or Special Banner Fragments. The banner fragments go towards Hero and Tech upgrades and it’s incredible. I’m loving this game.

This is my humble base. I started 2 days ago and have got a good feel for it. Always max current builds before Ug the Keep. Don’t hurt your own progress just for some new farms for Res. Play smart, farm smarter. This is the inspiration begin my handle, my love of TD games. I’ve covered the best points of this I think. There’s so much to it, and i recommend you play it. Farm out. Peace


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