Interesting things in the world of Science.

Science. I love science. It’s the practical application of trial and error leading to concrete results and information that gets me hard. It’s the process of elimination and theory, it’s the biological patterns that live in your skin and cause you to be who you are. Science is everything. Here are some bits I found interesting that icread about this week 🙂 enjoy Lords and Ladies 🙂

sourced Here

Batteries. Did you know they developed a battery that lasts over 200, 000 cycles? Average batteries last 2k-6k cycles. Mind you it’s 200k cycles and it’s at max capacity and still hasn’t lost charge nor fractured any of the microscopic filaments. Filaments 100, 000 times thinner than the width of a human hair. Science is incredible.

Now this one kind of raises a few concerns. Sourced from here. I found it hard to fathom the size of the wires in the battery, let alone the size of an engine that could power a nanobot able to enter a living human cell. Could you imagine the military applications? The scientific potential or the ensuing clusterfuck that will come from the abuse of such incredible tech? If you combined both of these technologies, you could become a super villian.

There’s nothing I love more than scientific discussion and philosophy. Physics and maths. It’s mind-boggling and ensnaring. A teaspoon of neutron star has the same density of 100, 000 suns or something. I find it hard to believe that something so small can weigh so much, but then again, space has different qualities than our gravitised home-world so it shouldn’t be too difficult to imagine in that respect. Fuck I love science. Shake a stick at me, I dare you. But anyway, parallel universes. Just wow. Sourced from here.

That’s just the tip baby, I promise. I have to run into town and do some mothers day stuff. Thanks for reading all.


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