Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Here we are. Me, eating my words… Again. I remember not too long ago slamming the majority of the COD franchise, minus the evolved gameplay of Modern Warfare 2, and how I claimed I would probably never give Blops another go, but I was being rash, hasty. I was somewhat overeager to judge this branch of the series, but now, I’ve decided to give it a fair go and and some serious play. And so I have. Needless to say, I fucking love this release, love it.

At first when I played Black Ops II, I was less than impressed, mainly because I had my head buried so far up MW2’s ass, I couldn’t see the sun, nor did I want to. But the second time around it plays better.

After playing Mw2 for years, the feel for the guns, how they handle, all felt wrong. The snipers had no kick. It felt weird, insubstantial at best when taking out some legs and there is minimal recoil, no heavy thunk as it reloads. It felt foreign. But before long I had a new favourite weapon and set up, and a freshly invigorated passion for FPS. The Honourable Lord Farmington is back, and you’re all fucked.

I’ll dive in head-first here. The best feature, the all-time greatest release? The bots. The fucking bots man. Look, online is good, offline with friends is good too, but something I wasn’t expecting, was the offline multiplayer against AI. 4 difficulties for the bots, up to 9 enemy bots available, or mix and match with 5 teams of 2. It’s entirely up to you. I prefer playing with the 5 of 2, veteran, hardcore, Standoff. Set and match baby. Let’s light em up.

Another aspect of multiplayer is the party games. One in the chamber for example is 8 people max. Starts off with one round in the gun, a throwing axe, and melee knife. The rules are this. Players have said listed above and one life. One shot kills, and kills equal another bullet to spend. Play it smart, slow. If you die… Well… Best move over to regular core, pussy.

Gun Game. Start with a pistol and earn kills. Each kill equals a new gun, and each stab to an enemy with melee means they have to start over… It’s brutal. I enjoyed this bit when I first tried Blops, fucking fantastic. Keep on your toes, experience the majority of the weapons and get a feel for intensity. Gun game.

Zombies. Every degenerate cum-rag and their slut mum loves Nazi Zombies. I don’t. It’s boring, repetitive and lacks feeling. I’ll be happy if I never have to hear some cunt say “How fucking good is zombies?” Because my response would be “it’s not, now go fuck your mum again” Fuck Zombies. And fuck you too. Faggot.

Online multiplayer. Now this, this is what we buy FPS for. We don’t care overly for the campaign (campagn) or little bonus features. We care about getting online, ranking up and earning unlocks. We care about score streaks, multi kills and final killcams. Take your time jumping story with alternate endings and shove it, we want to “give em hell”. Along with online play where experience is rewarded with new unlocks, offline comes with different options so you already have all unlocks and a choice on how many slots per class available, yeah it’s a little anticlimactic not having to earn anything in offline, but it holds appeal too, to the lazy.

Emblems. Now this is why I originally wrote this piece. The custom designed emblems. Basically with every challenge you complete in the barracks, you get a corresponding picture to go with it. That picture can be used to design a custom emblem that shows when you kill or be killed. It’s a genius way for plaers to showcase their skills publicly. I’ll post some emblems I’ve seen and some I found on google too. Yeah, I enjoyed BlOps2. And will for a while I imagine.

naughty naughty
This is the funniest one I’ve found so far.
Scarface via google images

This is one I’m playing with

Patrick from spongebob
another one of mine
one of mine


Charizard sourced from google images.

if you play, feel free to add Lord Farmington on XboxLive. Thanks for reading all 🙂 Farm out.


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