daycare week

Well well well. Guess who had the flu, beat it, survived another round of winter bugs and have made a solid step to the road of recovery. Me. And Jodi. And Abel. A couple of weeks ago, Abe started at daycare. And since daycare is a magnet for sick kids, snivelling noses and harsh coughs, we thought it would be a great idea to let Abel go and experience the finer things in life. Things like croup.

It’s pretty standard that when kids start a new daycare then they’re going to pick something up, bad language, behaviour or bugs. But they also pick up better things, like manners, friends and confidence. Abe was a premmy baby, a little longer to develop then other kids. But after his first week of daycare, he’s starting to walk and mumble a variety of sounds and half words, he’s a lot livelier and his whinging has almost ceased. Being around other independent kids has had some serious benefit. Jodi cried when Abe took his first steps, ecstatic. But after the first week he got sick, we ended up taking him to hospital and he was given a diagnosis of croup and a dosage of steroids. Within a few days he was fine, but Jodi and I picked up the back end of it. Twice. Only just getting over it now. Shit was a nightmare. Delirious, sweating, aches and pains. Wandering around half asleep in tears in a dark house. I was out of it. Fuck I hate being sick.

Well this is the short and sweet version of our 2 weeks. I also got Clash of Clans on the Ipad, courtesy of the Mrs. So you can look forward to a massive bit on that. The game has evolved, again. I’ve been sucked back in. Stay tuned and I’ll show you why in “Clash Of Clans: Definitive Edition”

Thanks for reading all, in hungry and farm needs to feed. Peace

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  1. rachel says:

    glad you’re feeling better. x


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