Public Exposure 101

Bin Day. Always a struggle to run the bin to the verge, barefoot. Doesn’t help when we say “Let’s put it out tonight so we don’t forget”. Good luck moron. Wake up bright and early the next day to the sounds of a heavy truck down the road and flying into a panic, “Holy fuck, we forgot the bins. (again)” So I throw on my pj pants, dashed out the front door and grabbed the bins, as I was hauling ass to the kerb I felt my dick slip out the the unbuttoned bit, a tad cold, a few cars passing by, perfect. Publicly exposing myself by accident as I’m pushing bins, I must look like some kind of demented freak with a hard on for pushing trash, come and get me ladies. As I reached the kerb and could see down the road a little, I discovered it wasn’t the bin guy at all, but a fucking cement truck. All that dick waving for nothing.

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