Clash Of Clans. Practical Application of Game Mechanics to Apply for War.

Howdy folks, I know you know, that I LOVE Clash of clans. But let me give you a brief rundown on the history behind SuperCell’s top grossing game, the humble beginnings and the seldom understood, inner workings of the mechanics to the game. This post is ideal for Noobs, Vets, rushers and casual gamers, and I’m sure you will find my ‘Know How’ to be the pinnacle of Clash strategy and understanding.

First off I have to say this new update is amazing. There have been 2 in the last couple of months and each one, is better than the last. This update saw the release.of new spells, troops, and a ‘friendly’ challenge option, which is my favourite addition to an already unbeatable game of strategy and tactical warfare.

As the title suggest, this is a ‘How To’ for running a successful war clan, weeding out weak or ignorant players, and growing as a team. Past these digital words you’ll find real world inspiration when it comes to bettering your Clash career.

First off. Set a star requirement for entry to clan. In my clan, if you have less than 100 war stars, you can’t join, not right away. Second, it’s required that all new members are to pass a practical application to even be considered for war, this means someone your size will put up a friendly challenge and you have to destroy them to Co Leaders Satisfaction. Show proper use of funneling and AI pathing. Lure clan troops. That sort of thing. Clash 101, baby.

Next up is War Weight. Now this is probably the most complicated mechanic to the game. A lot of people rush, big mistake, big fucking mistake. When you rush, you push your weight too high without compensating for power (troop lvl, hero, walls, spells). Yeah some people can’t help themselves and have no discipline, but I’m here to help. When you hit town hall 7 and you have lv2-3 defences, you’re going to get moosed. That’s a fact. Best get EVERYTHING MAXED before pushing higher. No exceptions. Some people rush to get xbows and heroes, this puts too much work onto what,needs to be brought up to standard and the task,becomes daunting and people give up, its their own fault, learn to play the game fuckers.

I recently found a spreadsheet with weight for the builds and it’s my best friend to the game. War weight is important, if you weigh too little, you cant hit your target properly, if you way too much, you become an easy target for those who took their time. Weight is EVERYTHING, if you can’t understand or don’t find this interesting or important, go play Boom Beach, it’s probably more your style, Julia. I’ll post some screenshots so you can understand what I mean about weight.

The site I found this on can be found here, just click the Red “download excel sheet” tab. Its current as of the 1st of the 1st 2016. And you’re welcome. Leaders, I hope this has given you some decent insight on how shit needs to be done. Use the friendly challenge option to test recruit’s skills and knowledge. So I’m off for now, hope you enjoyed.

 I am your host, Lord Farmington, Leader of Candy’s Palace. Clash tech and strategic support. Thanks for reading all.


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