Playing with the I(maxi)pad, a new friend.


Playing with the IPad (maxi)

Let’s see, will I be able to accentuate exactly what I need to say? So far, the answer seems to be a resounding “Yes”. This iPad edit app is not only functional and practical, but it has easy access to edit the font. Limited choices, but choices of, Bold, Italic, and Underline on the top right of the keypad. The tabs themselves are small and out of the way of the main keyboard, yet they’re just there, and I’m not even accidentally brushing a tab I don’t want and inhibiting my progress. It’s brilliant. If only my fourth grade teacher Carlo could see me now, using diction and shit.

Now the next challenge for the native “Notepad” is a media insert option or compatibility with various forms of media to save me having to exit the app. Let’s see… Nope, there isn’t one, but still. I can use the easy keyboard and send the finished work as an attachment, saving where the font accentuates a word, instead of coming over as a basic write-up. So when I write and take the TIME to fuck around with the text, I need it to be there on the other end. Having to redo it kind of kills the vibe, you know? Like it won’t have the exact same feel or message to it. It’s almost like when you delete a piece from your site. It might seem like a good idea at the time to remove it because you have changed your perspective or what have you, but that original writing, that heart felt defence and passion, that’s all you, regardless of how you feel now. At the time, I bet you believed and felt every word, every comma to give a sense of mental structure to what you’re reading it on the screen, every full stop, stressed word or curse. It was all you were at one point, and to throw those gifts of a sporadic nature to the winds, is throwing away part of yourself.

I regret deleting some of my older posts, some of my more personal and revealing pieces. Bits that shine brightly on certain darker aspects of my character and the occurring shit I throw myself into, well used. I’ve settled down a lot these days. Almost grown up. I’ve found a niche in a sweet sense of cynicism and satire when I write, finding the beautiful in the mundane and the things people often neglect to think about on a day-to-day basis. I love finding new games, books, movies and ideas to write about. Whether that be a review of positivity, a negative insight or just a personal opinion on bullshit everyone seems to care about, I tend to write what I feel and rarely censor my work.

I don’t mean to offend or make waves most of the time when I do my thing, and to restructure a paragraph or even a line, isn’t something I’m comfortable with. 9/10 I write exactly as I think it, then I reread it, think of my next bit and continue. I don’t hastily throw words onto a page, I take my time. Controlled. Aware of what I’m writing and satisfied with how it comes out, mostly. That’s not saying I don’t make spelling mistakes or grammatical errors because I do, I just don’t mind terribly as long as my point is clear and you enjoy what you read. I’m an easy going kind of guy with a mind full of bullshit to share and a growing audience to share it with.

You know what’s funny? When someone asks what I do for work, I tell them I’m a writer. I’m in no sense of the word a professional, nor do I have any experience furthering my understanding of the English language outside of high school, but I am an avid reader and I certainly have the writing bug myself. Generally when one is passionate about a subject, one finds himself learning a considerable degree of new skills without associating the phenomenal results, with the tedious notions of study or hard work. When one enjoys his craft, they forge a partnership and carve their own way. Together, my craft and I have found exactly where we belong. And where I belong is in the written world. As the creator of worlds and bringer of death. The sweeter hand that washes the blood from the hand that serves his incredible fury and wrath. As an angel who gives gives rest to the weary and food to the hungry.

But all beautiful analogies and comparisons aside, nothing brings me greater satisfaction than writing about something I love, and telling all who are unfortunate enough to stumble across my ravings, and those who enjoy them enough to follow and interact with me. I’m can be pretty raw with some of my works, as my followers are aware. I’m a passionate romantic who isn’t afraid to dive headfirst into a wonderful woman. I’m a serial gamer who loves to write about the games that really ensnare me and my gold. I’m a science freak who loves space, time, history, philosophy, and just having a good old fashioned time. I’ll write an epic review on one thing, then I’ll post something opinionated, controversial and personal right underneath it. Sporadic. That’s the word.

I know I can rant, and I’m doing it now, so I’ll bugger off and leave you to your own intangible thoughts and elusive daydreams of grandeur. Thanks for reading guys, for every time you’ve clicked on my post and checked me out, thank you. To those of you who read off Facebook and Twitter, thank you. To anyone who has been kind enough to offer words of encouragement and sincere, heartfelt congratulations, thank you. To those of you who I think about when I write, Levi, Kate, Katie, Moses, jodi, thank you. Sometimes I even consider Rachel when I write my pieces and often dwell on her blog and inner musings. In fact, I think Rachel’s blog is my favourite to date. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, question herself and openly discuss her troubles. It’s always a pleasure to read her site. I like seeing what others have to offer.

Well, I’m really logging off now, I’ve ranted too long, touched on various bases and made some noise. I’m happy. Well, peace out all. Farm is off ✌️

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