iPad secondary test for WordPress 

Testing one two three. Testing four five six. 

Every now and then I get a wall post in a game like the one above, really makes my day.

Being leader has its challenges
I probably could write a book on clash, I think I know enough for the foundations and basics. 
crissppy didnt deserve his resources anyway…
Written on the wordpress app for Ipad, it is so much better than the crappy Lumia and clusterfuck “Wp for Windows”.  Microsoft is so far behind in the phone game they should have stayed out of it, or made a deal with Apple to bring actual satisfaction to the customer. Sorry Microsoft, you’ve failed with the Lumia and your play store. Fuck me, I don’t even use my phone anymore now that I can write on the iPad. So if anyone needs a reason to stick with iOS or android, let my complete dissatisfaction be your guide.

It might look different, but this is ACTUAL shit

Fuck the Lumia, I’ll stick to the maxi pad and it’s slow ass type, but at least the app is solid, reliable and does what I need it to do. 


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