Black Ops 2

Just some sweet kills from a game I played earlier today. First video, don’t judge.


Those reoccurring dreams that feel like the knees are asleep and every step is pushing through tar. It obscures the vision and makes one second guess what they see. Phantoms appear and the heart races. Those sleepy knees turn to lead and the tar to quicksand, you never stood a chance against such illusions, none…

Why religion should be kept out of Casual Gaming and gaming in general.

Ever since the dawn of time, religion has been the cause for the majority of the world’s atrocious crimes against humanity. The crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, The Salem Witch Trials, amongst countless less famous or renown feats of evil committed in the name of one “God” or another. I just realised the irony, this post…

Upcoming review

Hahahaha Hahahaha I watched the funniest b grade porno last night called ‘Pirates’, and I’m going to treat you all to a review about ‘The greatest pirate hunter in the world’, and his crew. Stay tuned. I’ll write it up tonight when I get comfortably stoned 🙂 Shits a laugh a minute 🙂

Cry some more? I bet you will

Self pity. It disgusts me when people jump in social media to tell the world “I’m fat, no one loves me”. I hate to inform you, but you’re right, not because you’re fat, but because you’re online seeking attention instead of results. Instead of crying and fishing for compliments or approval, why don’t you get…

Free as the Wind

Insubstantial, yet powerful enough to uproot trees, crumble buildings, and steal life. The wind isn’t just air, it’s powerful atmospheric pressure and differences in temperature that give it the force of an army of giants, a league of dragons, or the soft grace of a butterfly’s wings. Sweeping across the world with no barriers such…


Thugs and scum. That was Downtown for you. Strip joints, steaming vents in the still of night and loose puddles along the pavement. A stark contrast when put against the clean cut society Uptown, w… Source: Downtown

Solo Raid. Clash of Clans Edition.

In a distant village, over the sea, under the rainbow, and far past where the limits of imagination lie, and wonder begins, sits a Noble village. Within the pitch black, volcanic rock walls and man… Source: Solo Raid. Clash of Clans Edition.