Cry some more? I bet you will

Self pity. It disgusts me when people jump in social media to tell the world “I’m fat, no one loves me”. I hate to inform you, but you’re right, not because you’re fat, but because you’re online seeking attention instead of results. Instead of crying and fishing for compliments or approval, why don’t you get off your ass and make a change? Why not quit the fast food 3 times a day and having an 80kg kid who’s 8 years old, you’re setting a fine example with your overindulgence of the less finer things and expecting there to be no negative consequences. You’re living in a dream world, a nightmarish delusion of grandeur and acceptance, that will inevitably kill you.

Next up. Bad company. I knows guy, a few guys actually who keep terrible company. The kind of company you want to avoid if you want your morals and virtues to remain true and intact. Now I have a friend, who is an amazing guy with some bad habits. His habits inhibit his view on the world and he only sees misery and deceit. This is the world you live in my man, and it’s up to you to make that change. Fight your demons, kick their asses and come out of it shining. Don’t let their company be all you know, you’re better than this man, it’s about time you proved me right, stop letting everyone who cares about you down. I know the demon comes in shards to pierce the flesh, but it’s not unbeatable, you HAVE to WANT to make the change.

Relationships. First off, keep your private matters off social media. We know your partner cheats on you and breaks your heart, we know you are hurting and we feel for you, but when it’s been years with the sane behaviour, the sympathy for your situation becomes more of a loathing for your lack of will or vision to want better things. It’s not hard to stay faithful, and if someone who “loves” you is fucking everyone else, leave them and make a fresh start, I did it, you can do it to. We have had enough if you attention seeking fucks and your limited drive or will to change. The longer you stay in this situation, the more we despise you, hate you. Loathe you. It starts with you, stop seeking attention and look for results, fucking cunts.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. rachel says:

    not much left to talk about


  2. Still plenty to talk about unfortunately, but another time. I still see dickheads who hold grudges from primary school and shit, I’ll write a bit on how happy people are to stay sour over bittersweet memories or something. Hope things are treating you well Rachel 🙂 you too Megan 🙂


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