Why religion should be kept out of Casual Gaming and gaming in general.


Ever since the dawn of time, religion has been the cause for the majority of the world’s atrocious crimes against humanity. The crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, The Salem Witch Trials, amongst countless less famous or renown feats of evil committed in the name of one “God” or another. I just realised the irony, this post is in reference to battle and strategic war games… But moving on, religion is bad news when it comes to those outside of the faith in question. It always has, and always will be. I don’t have a particular faith and I pride myself on it, but when those without faith are labelled as Cretans or heathens because they don’t share the faith, it shines those who devoutly practice and incorporate these teachings into their life, in a truly negative light. 

When it comes to public channels and forums in gaming, religion should be kept under a lock and key, and a punishable offence to talk about. Restricted chat privileges or a total silence would be appropriate when mentioned in a public channel, private channels I don’t mind because I’m not a part of it, but public channels when all sorts of culture and religions meet, it should be a neutral zone. Yeah good for you on having faith, but I personally don’t give a squirt of piss and would appreciate you keeping your religious propaganda and fairly tales in your own channel, we the majority, don’t appreciate it, nor do we want to tolerate it. In some instances we have the option of muting the offending player or reporting them, but not all games have these options and to preach personal belief in a public channel is generally frowned upon due to the opinion and sound belief, making the player look like a fuckwit. No we don’t care for “Jesus saves” in global chat, nor do we care for the notion of “trees are evidence of gods existence (I’m not bothering with the proper grammar for god due to my contempt for religion)”. And I’ve covered the evidence bit previously on another rant. I’m getting off point, follow me further down, away from the distractions…






That should do it. As I was saying. Keep religion out of games and chat channels. We the majority (Non believers/different faith) don’t appreciate it. Have a nice day. Yours sincerely, Lord Farmington, on behalf of every rational mind and decent human being in existence. 


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