12 Month Blogging Anniversary. A Dream Chased Is A Life Lived. An End to an Era.

Well, its been a year now since I started writing, initially to chanel my angst, joy and thoughts. Slowly, my writing evolved, or rapidly, depending on how you want to look at it, but regardless of how you do its plain to see how I’ve evolved myself, and how my writing has alongside me. The base joy in writing is being able to write coherently while rapidly thinking about what it is I want to say while typing at the same time. For me, writing is a centre and any other format will not do. I remember the first post I made about bacon and how delicious it was, which I later decided wasn’t good enough and deleted, for which am kicking myself for now because every thought is me. Rookie mistakes, so take it from me, don’t delete shit. Nothing.

I also wanted to mention other bloggers who have influenced my writing, people like Rachel, Rhino, Opinionated Man, amongst others. Everytime I read someone else’s posts, I find myself drawn to writing in that style, touching on the emotions drawn from myself, and trying to draw them from you. Some of my posts, deeper and revealing posts, have been on the whim of a drug induced and sleep deprived feeling of nostalgia and powerful misplaced emotions. I revel in the recollections I write in that state and embrace every shudder, gasp, jerk and twist the writing brings as my mind races through oceans of memories, swirling as clouds in a rapid current. The raw truth and depth I can reach, nothing compares to the feeling put into a piece like that. Not even the drugs it takes to produce the mindset. Don’t get me wrong, This has only happened twice in the last 12 months so it’s not a regular thing. But it is a reality.

There are dozens of people who influence me on a day to day basis, those I know, and those I wish I knew (Zero, Dan, Soren, Swaim). There are people I wish I didn’t know, and some people who I hope get hit by a fucking truck on his way to work. There are people I’ve written pieces on, friends, foes, lovers, and others. People I’ve offended (Not that I care), people I’ve entertained (Teagz), People I’ve made cry (Simone, Commando, Katee). People I’ve managed to alienate myself from (Trevor and Levi) and people who just sit back and watch the show. Who ever you are, I think this blog has reached its peak for how I write and how I’m going to pursue writing, so instead of being my primary site, I think I’ll retire this account and focus on Cultural Gibberish and writing my reviews. Uni too. That’s not to say I’ll be deleting the blog, just stepping back to chase the style that suits me best. So thank you to everyone for the support, shares, and encouragement. Thank you for showing me your displeasure, pain and thoughts.

Ill be back, only a lottle less often. Now get the fuck off my shit. Or browse my Archives… Or visit my Review Blog here, a work in progress and professional project.


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