Slearn Lower. Uni prep Update: Slow Learner Edition.


Fuck me. So you know how people say “Blah blah fucking blah” in regards to anything you mention in your day to day life? Well disregard that, because I’m about to talk some serious shit about fuck all, and then again, maybe it is something. I’ve never been an organised or decisive person, if you ask me when I wake up “What do you want for breakfast?” I’ll probably say Fuck me, I’ve just woken up. What the fuck, stupid ass, shit question is that? I don’t even know what I want to be when I grow up, let alone what to fucking eat for breakfast. I’ve never been fond of making plans due to my nature of “Winging it” and the end result usually being a raving success by my standards, meaning no one died or got arrested.  But now, now I actively have to manage my time and plan my studies around a schedule. I’m not complaining because now that I’ve got a firm system to adhere to, I can see where my free time is and how to best utilise it. Right now, I’ve finished my study, done the first draft on an assignment due in 2 weeks, read the material for tomorrow and have my stuff ready to go as soon as I wake up. Needless to say that while I’m slowly getting into the groove of developing a professional manner of an academic standard, I’m also picking it up quickly and mindlessly applying these new skills into my day to day life.

Remember at the start how I said that stuff about those things? Makes sense now doesn’t it? No? Let me explain.

Now that that’s cleared up, I want to keep dribbling. I’ve decided to document each stage of every assessment and use them in my blogs after the semester is up (so I don’t inadvertently hurt my marks, due to the material I hand in already being on the web, because the academics will cross reference your assignments through a database and if they find you stealing other people’s shit, that’s a serious offence in both the eyes of the University and her academic associates, and the eyes of the law.), and try to show my process and how it all goes together in the end. I don’t mind if others want to use this as a learning material themselves or as a guide, it’s why I’m going to do it. I also wanted to say the environment. Fucking wow.

Remember in school when they forced you to study absolute bullshit you had no interest in? Things like manners and general decency? Maybe you should have taken those lessons. 
The environment in a tertiary institution is far more appealing than secondary, primary or even vocational studies. Fuck tafe with the collectibe mentality of a Down With the Syndrom infant, you dreamless slags and brainless dickheads can fix hair and tinker with your mechanical toys, I’m going to educate myself in something better. Something that will span cultures and nations. I’m going to be the greatest narcissistic writer to ever offend your delicate senses and morals. I’m astute, and if you dont know what that is, you’ll never be on my level. Farm out. Fuckers xoxo. 


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  1. Murray says:

    I was very much the same when I went to uni, I HATED going to school, I used to not show up at least once a week but when I got to uni, I guess because I made the decision to go and it wasn’t forced upon me, I was alot more motivated to actually do assignments and go to all my classes. Even though it was an hour commute each day, I still managed to go there every single weekday.

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    1. I hear you, it’s better to do it one one’s own terms, than the dictated terms of another. How are we meant to learn from our education if we can’t enjoy it? Ever since I left school I’ve been teaching myself, learning, immersing myself in things I was bullied for in school, science, the arts, media and entertainment. That’s no environment for reaching one’s potential and enjoying the journey. I even experienced teachers with prejudice, either due to my lack of interest in their teaching methods, or my different views on religion and the evils it has birthed. But I’ll keep fighting and doing it my way, it’s proven to be wondrous over the last 12 months. I think this is growing up, enjoying the lessons life throws and turning them into something more, something tangible.

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      1. Murray says:

        Haha yeah the hive mind in high school was something I definitely don’t miss. I got pretty tired of it in years 11 and 12 because I just saw how pointless and easily avoidable all the drama was. But yeah, it sure made it difficult to get into things if it was against “the norm”


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