Pokemon Go- Top 5 myths (stupid) people still believe.

A delayed post. Sorry for the wait folks, I’ve been busy with Uni and fact checking my sources for the content included. But here it is, finally. The Top 5 Pokémon Go myths (stupid) People still believe. Here to shine the light for those who don’t bother to use that spongy grey and pink matter lodged between their ears, or in some cases, betwixt their butt cheeks. Hope you enjoy and don’t find it too limited. I couldn’t put as much into it as I had hoped.

Unconfirmed Releases and Updates…

It’s come to my attention many of my peers are quite gullible and eager to swallow poison disguised as something sweeter. From illogical assumptions like “Weather determines Pokemon type” to the ever present “My friend caught a mew” or some other legendary related claim. Bullshit. Want to know how I know? It’s because I take the time out to browse the blogs and forums at NianticLabs.com to determine fact from fiction, and to sort it into a generous serving of know-how for those who wouldn’t know where to start. Yes some of these rumours and myths sound quite appealing and I see the appeal in spreading such claims, but the fact remains, it is BULLSHIT and as a whole, people should know better. If it isn’t confirmed by the developers, then it’s fan based or fallacy.



Niantic have yet to release any legendary Pokemon to the Pokemon Go app. The first news I heard was “Someone already caught a Mew2”. I said bullshit ( I told Levi my theory and was right…), did some research and came to discover, DECEMBER is the thought about initial release date for a global competition between teams to fight together (in gyms), to win each member of the winning team, a legendary Pokemon. These Pokemon are the first set, the Original Generation of Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno. So if you see anyone claim  to have one and they have a picture to back it up, perhaps one like this

pokemon work
sourced from here

Then it’s clear to see how its fake. Niantic have also confirmed “No-one has caught them all, they haven’t even all been released, when we do decide to release the next gen, it wont be a quiet affair” (paraphrased). So you can be assured that elusive Mew your friend posted to his Facebook, is a digital manipulation. Bet you feel clever now, knowing you swore tooth and nail to defend that lying friend just for the associated pleasure of “Knowing someone who caught a legendary”… Tsk Tsk Tsk.



Again this is speculation by the Pokemunity and denied by Niantic. In fact the rustling grass is nothing more than encouragement to get you out the house. Have a look at your pokemon nearby, now look for rustling grass. 2+2 doesnt equal 4 here, it equals “You fell for it, look at you out in the real world actively hunting Pokemon thinking we would make it so easy for you”. So forget the rustling grass with love-heart shaped blades of wonder arising, and go forth and wander far from home, the further you travel, the BETTER your chances of finding rarer pokefolk.



We’ve all heard the rumour of recoverable Pokeballs, but sadly I’ve tried this one myself numerous times, and by the applied scientific process, I have come to the conclusion, this is a myth. I first tried the recovery when i first got the game about 3 weeks ago. I thought I was onto a winner with the recovery, but sadly my eyes deceived me and as I threw ball after ball of bad throws in an attempt to get a single ball back, I was forced to come to the conclusion that this rumour is nothing more than an unsubstantiated claim.



Regional Locked Pokémon.

Every now and then people use their imaginations and tell a theory to someone, who quite possibly doesn’t actually use their brain to process the information. From claims of “You can get Articuno in a high wind storm” to “If you call your starter Pokémon Ash K., then you get a Master Ball at your next Pokestop” (I made that up just now, it sounds like a hidden gem, but it’s another fine example of quality crap). Bullshit. Another rumour that people are still passing around is, Location Locked Pokémon. Ive seen some claims of, Taurus is only available in yada yada yada, or Mr. mime is located specifically in eastern Europe. Again bullshit I smell. As interesting as this would be, it’s simply not viable. For Niantic to lock certain pokemon, even ones as shit as “Taurus” to North America is ludicrous. Think about it. Do Niantic really expect people to travel to other countries to catch a missing entry in the ‘Dex? Nope. Not unless theyre going to sponsor a Safari Event in conjunction with airlines, which again, is retarded. Get your head out of your ass.


That’s all we have time for today folks. Im already writing my next update and keeping tabs on my twitter and google inbox for more details as they are announced. If there’s something you belive should be on the list, feel free to add it in comments. Spread the awareness and stop the stupid. Farm out


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