Ugh… Clash of clans server maintenance…

While the servers are down for an update, possibly to remove the 1 gem boost for a week per res build (4th year promo), I’ve decided to do a quick write up about “how fucking fantastic the members of my clan are”. Over here in JD’s Place we have a solid team. We started from scratch with just myself, Smash and Ven over at Candys Palace (my first founded clan), then we transitioned to .:(SeeD):., Vens brainchild. And then when my Mrs started playing, we all went our seperate ways to grow and forge new alliances in the realm of Clash. As time passed and clans came and went, Smash, JD, Ven, Harsh and myself all came together again in our current home, Jds Place.

Starting from scratch is no joke and being a clan leader is more than just playing a game. It’s about providing support and information to your members when they need it, it’s about guiding growth and instilling a sense of respect for the environment, and for the clan itself. It’s about managing the day to day tedious bullshit with Runners (people who bail during wars) Jumpers (People who are after troops and then bail when they get what they want) and perverts. The last is self explanatory I think. Creeps that join asking for 14 year old girls and their kik, I kick these guys straight out, but not before I screenshot the player ID and conversation to send to supercell. I don’t tolerate any behaviour in my clan that makes anyone feel uncomfortable or harassed. Nor should anyone.

I might be the backbone to the clan, but we have a half dozen players familiar with the mechanics of battle, AI pathing in troops, and an assortment of enough “Know How” to fill a large book. Our specialist team consists of Smash, Ven and myself. Our few elders have earned their titles by following war instructions, luring clan troops and showing the right funneling techniques based on compilation, and hauling ass in general and being a valuable asset to the clan. My partner Jd owns the clan, and our team help keep it together. Without Ems, Ali, Ven, Smash, BBQ, and our other guys and gals, we would be static with no hope for the future. 

I’m getting soppy and it goes against my “Fuck You” policy so I’m wrapping up with screenshots of clan chat and a few raid results. Happy Clashing folks.

Million+ baby…
Racist Asshole Player ID
Racist Asshole
Perfect War
more loot
even more loot
War base…
barely covered costs…


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