Email to NianticLabs…

What better way to get the right information, than going right to the source itself? There isn’t one. If there’s something you need verified and everyone else has confirmed it, don’t cave to the hive mind, ask questions where they count. For example, this is an unanswered email I sent today and am awaiting a response for…


Good day Ladies and Gentlemen of NianticLabs, my name Is L.J. Farm and I’m somewhat of a culture critic and review blogger whilst I study at Edith Cowan University in Bunbury, Western Australia. I’m doing a University Prep Course to gain experience to study an Undergraduate Degree in Journalism where I can pursue my dream of writing and bring information in a round about way to those who like a bit of a chatter with their Info.
I was looking for information on the Pokémon Go app and whether there is any intention to release it to Windows Devices, or if the market is so limited on Microsoft’s side, that it wouldn’t be a viable option. I was also hoping to get some information in regards to a Niantic run blog with daily thoughts and posts for the *Pokemunity*(coined by yours truly), available anywhere online?
Or if there isn’t a site as to which I’m looking for, is there an affiliate blog or site that does post verified information in regards to future updates, announcements and events? I thank you for your time and hope to hear back from you soon. Kind Regards, Lj Farm. Administrator and blogger for
So take my advice and don’t go making a fool of yourself with stupid shit. Try and get the answers you NEED, not the Answers you WANT. I should be studying for humanities… I have to go… Take care all…

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