Finally, The weekend…

What a long ass week. Food poisoning, assessments due with decent marks and feedback received. Rabbit holes and dug up fence Line from the naughty kelpie trying to get to the other puppies next door to play. Abel, Jodi and myself in a general mood of crap due to bugs, and a few visits from the Doc during the week. Corbie came down and took Jodi out for dinner and a drink while I put Abe to bed and played some of the best games of COD I can remember, 30:1 on the opening match, followed by my account getting hacked and the calling card changed. Player reported too btw, don’t need that shit while I’m trying to unwind and enjoy my Wednesday night. Reviews done, facts checked (still can’t recover pokeballs, I tried on different devices, no good). Still a rumour according to me. One person told me otherwise so I installed Pokemon go on the IPad again and tried. The game loaded, pidgey appeared and I wasted 10 on bad throws hoping to be able to recover one of em, no luck. Pidgey buailed before my 11th ball, probably a good thing too.

What am I planning this weekend? A sleep in tomorrow for a start. And possibly a pokewalk, depending on how the app behaves. If it keeps crashing and fucking around, I’ll delete it and won’t even bother trying again until I sell my Windows device and get an HTC. Fuck Windows, yo. Another thing on my agenda is trawling my emails, searching for responses from Niantic, Supercell and AthinkingApe to continue on my review and cultural gibberish blog with verified information right from the respective development teams of the things I review. 

Well. I got shit to do. Like sorting fact from fiction to serve it directly to you, the people. Have a great day folks 🙂


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