Assignment for academic writing.

Well well well, here we are again, back for another week worth of education and no doubt, a little refreshing in previous knowledge. Today’s topic is “Education in the prison system”. It’s my duty to bring to the reader, (my lecturer) a clear understanding of the benefits of education and the effect/s it has on those who study while inside the correctional facilities. Is it a pointless exercise?( fuck no) and how does it benefit the general public and those who participate in government funded education from inside state run facilities? These are my questions to answer and it’s set as an arguementative  essay, so I have to do my research, provide references to source material, and have it written from a third person view. This is going to be the real challenge for yours truly, I write from my perspective and to do otherwise is a welcoming change. All references must be included, the information I draw from can’t be any older than 8 years, and we have a set of strict source site to adhere to. It must be an academic standard I’m using, and the finished product has to show my understanding of the process taken, information gathered and a set structure to the arguement. I have to sign off, I have study to do, but stay tuned. I’ll publish the finished article here once I get the results back. Take care all, Farm out ✌.


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