Science Rant

So I was online earlier and I was surfing around, and I said I’ll be back later to “offend your overtly sensitive senses” as sourced from here. My story is as follows.  Some scrotem looking bloke posted this blog about “how the earth is evidence of God”. I could rant about how retarded that is, yes retarded in the sense it appears he isn’t firing on all cylinders, nor does he have full control over the most basic bodily functions. Fucking sue me, fuck your sensibilities.  This was my response.

1. The universe isn’t evidence of gods existence. You obviously don’t know what evidence or proof is. Let me give you an example since it appears you were educated by an institution staffed entirely by a special needs Initiative. If someone says ‘fire is hot’, you’re entitled to say “prove it”. Then you would proceed to run your finger through the flame and feel the heat for yourself. That physical change of the fire touching flesh, is “PROOF” fire is hot. Burning my finger would be evidence the fire was hot. That’s one elementary example of the basic principles of applying science to get an answer. Saying the physical universe is proof of existence is not only illogical, it’s uneducated. Archaic even. Science has discovered masses of dying radiation from an explosion quite a few billion years ago actually, the explosion that is believed to have started the universe you happen to be wasting oxygen in. 

2. Lack of intelligent life or evidence to support it? That’s not proof of god. That’s called an expanse of over 13.799×10(to the power of 9) billion light years. And a light year is how far light travels in 12 earth months. And you’re aware the speed of light travels at almost 300,000,000 (that’s Three hundred million) meters per second right? So given the phenomenal and vast distance between galaxies (which you couldnt cross in a thousand generations, which also contain Unknown/seen forces such as Black holes, asteroids etc etc) it would be highly improbable for sentient alien life to reach us out of the hundreds of billions of other planets in the billions of galaxies spread throughout the ever expanding edge of the universe, an edge that is driven by the force of the Big Bang. Any you know what it is that’s pushing all the celestial bodies away from everything? Its called dark matter. 

3. Read a book from a scholarly or academic source, something that is a plausible and reliable source for information through the scientific methods of trial and error, and the process of elimination. Many minds greater than yours contradict these rather flimsy accounts of “proof and evidence”, and as such, you need to strengthen your arguement with “Actual evidence” like ‘one of gods pubes’, or the magician Jesus’ foreskin. On another note, this is merely my opinion and as much as I disagree with yours, everyone is entitled to have their say, and I only ask for evidence before I make any decisions. I’m open to having my mind changed if evidence to the contrary is presented before me and is legitimate, as should any logical mind. But given the advances in science and technology, gods and religion face a slippery slope on the road to extinction, as the mind of the human collective is opened by science, fairy tales and myths will hold no sway over society and its sects. Here’s my email,


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