Origin of “Did you get your license in a ________ box?” Farm’s Theory.

Chip off the old block, Diamond in the rough, up at sparrows fart, blind as a bat, etc etc etc. All classic sayings and some even have a basis in truth. But one saying that has always stuck with me was “Did you get your license in a Weeties (Aussie Brand) box?” I love this one. Mainly because I like cereal, drowned in milk, honey and sugar. A sure-fire way to hit the diabetes quota in one sitting, I’m a fucking genius. But my love for over indulging on glucose aside, let’s get to my very rational, and no doubt true theory as to where this particular saying originated. This will be short and sweet because it’s pretty cool and I don’t want to ramble on too much.


The United States of America. General Mills says, “Wheaties debuted in 1922 as Washburn’s Whole Wheat Flakes” and in 1950 General Mills launched a promotion of Collectable Mini License Plates. When I sent emails to GM and UT (Uncle Toby’s) in regards to the whereabouts of my license, Bruno (I forget his last name) from General Mills was quite blunt and rude telling me to Bother someone else with stupid questions., but Stephanie from  from Uncle Toby’s Consumer Engagement Services informed me that “in 1953 and 1954 Wheaties cereal boxes contained little license plates for each US state, the Canadian provinces and some US Holdings – one per box. You could also order sets of the plates directly from General Mills. These plates are frequently found on web auctions, at flea markets, etc. They are all dated 1953 or 1954. In the late 70’s, early 80’s there was another set of state plates issued through cereal boxes. These are more rectangular than the 53-54 series”.


So America started the craze of handing out Mini License Plates through the means of breakfast products, that may have spawned into “Did you get your license plates from a wheaties box?”, and then passed down through the last 60 odd years, we dropped the word “plates” from the saying to make it easier to say, basically we bastardised it, and eventually the saying spread through most of the English speaking world. All because some smart ass was giving his friend shit for his lack of driving skills perhaps? But anyway, that’s my theory on where this awesome saying came from. The U.S started it, we English speaking consumers spread this like wildfire as a joke at our friends’ expense, and the kernel of truth lay forgotten by the masses until I showed up to answer this most important question. And you’re welcome. Ive included a link here to the original letter i wrote to GM and UT in regards to my missing license. Thanks for reading Folks.




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