Body Switch. Unthunk Thoughts

Body swap or mind swaps have been a fairly regular occurrence in fictional tales for a few hundred years. From Vice Versa (1800’s) to Freaky Friday (early 2000’s) to name a couple.  I love a good body swap story if I don’t focus on the science behind it too much, if I do, we get scenarios and questions that arise and need answering.

When you’re born, you barely have a mind to think, nor the neural pathways formed to carry complex thought, tailored individually to your brain. The first question that arises is, if we swap minds, will the neural structure in the brain from the previous inhabitant effect the way my own mind works? Would I be able to enjoy my favourite game and be able to strategise the way I do in my own body? Or will the host brain have to forge new pathways to accomplish tasks that come relatively naturally in one’s old body?

The next question would be, Is it even possible to transfer a mind to another host, in the sense that the brain makes the mind? would the transferred mind be subject to the host brain being in control? Or would the transferred mind, a creation of a foreign brain, be strong enough to stand on it’s own in a completely alien environment, whose thought patterns and process may be vastly different? Or would the mind be overwhelmed by the brain and destroyed, thus resulting in reverting to one’s original host?

Another one that occurred was chemical balances in the host brain. If I was to swap minds with myself, then there would be no readily distinguishable side effects, as in I would be used to the chemical changes in my own body, but say if you were transferred from a dying body, into a the healthy body of a 19 year old non smoker, with no medical or psychological abnormalities? Would the healthy body perhaps feel ‘too good and overwhelming’ as opposed to the dying body and pain associated with it? Would the mind be influenced to change by the new environment and thus result in a personality change that may be permanent?

So many unanswered questions. The last one on my mind would be self-pleasure. Would it be weird to satisfy the sexual urges of a foreign body. What if you, a bloke for example, was transferred to another blokes body, and then you felt that old tingle sensation downstairs and then it dawns on you… It’s the body of another man, that demands sexual release. Do you pleasure the body? Or would that be too close to jerking off another man? Essentially it’s your mind, but the body has urges of its own. So what do we do? Do we release and feel like a poof for touching another mans junk, or do we ignore it and hope our respective mind eventually gains control over the bodily urges of another being? So many questions. Thanks for reading folks. 🙂


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  1. LJ Farm says:

    I love this one hahaha


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