Lv30 Fire Mage

The big Three-Oh. A milestone of somewhat varying degrees of opinion and what it means to the individual in question. To me. I’m now a Level Thirty Fire Mage with the Power of Telling, making me able to enthrall an audience with just a few words. Amongst my other arcane abilities, I can now ‘Give advice’.

Giving advice is a power that rarely works when you’re younger, but as the candle of life burns closer to the nub, the power of advice grows. Some Mages choose to use their advice for the works of evil, Politicians, Religious figures, Dr Oz, etc etc etc. But a wise Mage used his powers to benefit the people under the thumb of an oppressive regime and lead the realm to revolution against a totalitarian authority.

Upon lighting the candle floating on top of my birthday beer I will probably make a wish. And seeing as I’m nearing the status of Grand Mage, I’ll probably wish for something useless, like some gems for Clash of Clans. Or some new slippers and dressing gown. Either one would be a welcome gift to a middle aged mage. What other wonders does being level 30 bestie upon oneself? Character. Grey hairs, and gravity attacks one’s most firm attachments.

The power of foresight grows immensely as age gathers wisdom. Being able to see the folly of future endeavors is another benefit of foresight, but that doesn’t sway us from endeavoring to make them come to fruition. Next year tho, we never know.


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