My Email to Scientology Australia (Perth).


Good day fine folks of Scientology. I have a few questions about the purification program if you have the time? I’m extremely curious as to the process behind the program. I’m also curious to the “Scientific Studies” that the results are “based” on, and wondering if they have been replicated by an independent branch of the Scientific Community.

These questions arise from a quote I read by L. Ron Hubbard and it goes something like this “If you want to get rich, start a religion” (paraphrase). This very honest and human view Is quite common, and I’m thinking your whole religion is basically a scam to cheat the naïve and foolish out of hard earned money.

Have any of the claims made by Scientology been substantiated by an organisation not controlled by the manipulative cult that is Scientology? Probably the best way to offend the Scientifically minded amongst us is giving the name of a Woo religion the credence of science, inadvertently giving it questionable credibility.

Next up. Wasn’t Hubbard a Sci-fi writer? Scientology is the equivalent of George Lucas founding a church based on the concept of “The Force” and using the original scripts as scripture for another False Path of Enlightenment. On another note, The Force is a bit more believable than the crap Hubbard spat out so I would quite possibly buy into something like that, because the story is rich, relatable. It’s entertaining.

Issue 18 of the awareness magazine, How to Survive a Toxic World was an entertaining read. I had a good chuckle at the concept of everything within its pages. When an organisation boasts about this and that in a scientific manner, they generally provide references, material and sources at the very least, that way a curious reader looking to validate what’s said Independently, and cross reference it with 3rd party data and come to the conclusion, Scientology seems pretty dumb.

So to conclude this enquiry, I want to know where your facts are based, and how they have been verified as truth by science. You guys use the term ‘Science’ too loosely, and as such owe it to those who question ‘belief without evidence’ (faith) and their claims of legitimacy. I thank you deeply for your time.

Kind regards, L. J Farm.

Disclaimer, this correspondence will be used on my blog and social media platforms. I reserve the right to all my works, and forbid sharing, copying or distribution without my authorised, written and expressed consent. This includes but is not limited to, any means you can possibly conceive



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