Been too long.


Between postponing my studies, planning a wedding and general household lunacy, Ive decided to get over my abstract laziness and get back on the horse that pulls my carriage of dreams. Today has seen me inquire about licences to create SuperCell (Clash of Clans) clothing, seeking the components of a screen print and what it takes to produce the stuff I want to sell. The mrs told me the best way to start is make my own stuff, that doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s work, until I have permission from said licenser, which is fair enough. Id hate for some fuck to put their name on my work without my express consent.


The biggest hurdle I’ve been facing personally, is my own perception of everything and just how fucking shit ive been feeling. That’s why i postponed my writing. Fuck, i even said earlier today i dont want to write anymore. I couldn’t see the point, or remember the passion that drove me to writing in the first place. But after careful reflection and thought, I realised this is natural. It comes as easily as the vinegar stroke when with a supermodel. Writing is as effortless as breathing, and just as sustaining. IM at a loss on what else to write. So im gonna sign off and start working on my collection of short stories again. Ive been neglecting what makes me happy for too long. It stops now. Take care folks.


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