My new phone.

My new phone is pretty sweet. It’s a basic Telstra one, but IT PISSES all over the Lumia. Thy keyboard is a bit unresponsive, but I’ll get used to the new layout. And the best thing, is I can record my Clash of Clans attacks.  Advertisements

The game

If you’re reading this, I lost the game…

Pokemon Go- Top 5 myths (stupid) people still believe.

A delayed post. Sorry for the wait folks, I’ve been busy with Uni and fact checking my sources for the content included. But here it is, finally. The Top 5 Pokémon Go myths (stupid) People still believe. Here to shine the light for those who don’t bother to use that spongy grey and pink matter…

Black Ops 2

Just some sweet kills from a game I played earlier today. First video, don’t judge.