My new phone.

My new phone is pretty sweet. It’s a basic Telstra one, but IT PISSES all over the Lumia. Thy keyboard is a bit unresponsive, but I’ll get used to the new layout. And the best thing, is I can record my Clash of Clans attacks.  Advertisements

This is the new “Nearby” tracker in Pokemon Go — TechCrunch

The “Nearby” tracking system in Pokemon Go — the one that’s supposed to let you actually figure out where Pokemon are hiding without walking aimlessly — has been broken since day two or three after launch. It went from kinda working with a functional-if-confusing “footprint” system (three footprints = far, one footprint = close) to… via…

whoops, need a title haha

only issue I can think of with this WordPress app, is pretty much nothing. Look, I’ve used Android and IOS. I’ve abused the web browser too. Now it seems, Microsoft have made a winning move with the app development of WordPress for Microsoft. This is the layout for windows devices. It’s simple, elegant and easy…

Wp for windows Beta Test.

Testing testing. seeing if this works… This is such an improvement 🙂 I’m loving how easy this format is and I can access local images without the page freezing or the app crashing, I’m a very happy customer 🙂 Thank you WordPress 🙂